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DİRİLİŞ “Ertuğrul”


Client : Tekden Film
Producer : Mehmet Bozdağ
Director : Metin Günay
VFX Supervisor : Volkan Duran, Berat Türkbıkmaz
VFX Producer : Sema Şahin

13. Century


Resurrection is the story of the man who determined the fate of the World.


The World was searching for its new power. And Anatolia was a realm where the empires were fighting. In 1071, the Turks had entered this land, and now the Crusaders and Mongolians wanted a piece of it, too. The Mediterranean, the Black Sea, the Balkans, the Caucasia, and the Mesopotamia were searching for their new master. And within this turbulent scene, the hero of our story, Ertuğrul was searching for a land for his camp of 400 tents. The Kayı tribe was left homeless for years, and was asking for a homeland from Ertuğrul to end their suffering, ordeals, and journey.

Ertuğrul, made the sun his flag, and the sky his tent, and undertook a hard challenge. The Knights Templar, the fierce Mongolians, and cruel Turcoman chieftains were his greatest enemies. In an age where all hope was lost, Ertuğrul, defeated his enemies, braving many hardships, by force of his mettle and patience, and gave the Kayı tribe a new homeland. On this land, was founded the World’s most magnificent empire, the Ottoman Empire, which ruled over three continents for six centuries. And the secret of this magnificent state was hidden in the story of our hero Ertuğrul. This secret, which Ertuğrul received from Ibn Arabi helped him realize his dreams step by step. As he marched onwards to his dreams, Ertuğrul, in fact, bestowed a new civilization to the World. The state, which he laid the foundations to, changed the fate of the World. And we will be witnessing the epic story, daring character,  the enthralling love, and sense of justice enough for the whole humanity of the man who changed the fate of the World.

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