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GeniusPark is the leading industry talent pool of Turkey and Europe.
The highly experienced and talented visual FX artists of GeniusPark provide everything from concept design to modeling, camera tracking to rotomation, matte painting to motion graphics. As a Visual FX post studio we are fully committed to delivering exceptional results in the shortest time possible.

Cesur ve Güzel

Matte Paint


Set Extension

Küçük Kıyamet

Küçük Kıyamet Earthquake scene shooting

Bana Artık Hicran De

Car crash scene shooting


Mocap shooting at Solidanim in Paris


Set extension shots

Bugünün Saraylısı

Set extension shots


Devir VFX Shots

Teamwork is key.

Each of our client projects is comprised of a specialized team designed to meet the content’s needs. We choose from a pool of the most skilled artists and  technicians who are best suited for our clients’ goals.

We thrive in challenging and complex project environments and possess the passion to execute our clients’ visions with precision and artistry. Our goal is to provide a range of high quality visual effects work and an end result that competes with the best pieces of visual media exhibited internationally in the Film, Television and Commercial arenas.


Visual Effects

Direction and supervising on set
2D – 3D Compositing
Matte Painting
Set extentions
Rotoscopy, keying, clean up
Tracking & Match-move
Necessary tools: data management, production management
VFX editing

Motion Graphics

Concept design
Art direction
Motion Design
Creative typography and graphics
Pushing possibilities of the creative process
The titles for the film, idents, music videos, webpages
Infographic design


Concept design
Art direction
3D Compositing

Post Production

Whole pipeline for film and television
Data / Asset management
Offline/online video editing
Computer generated visual effects
Color grading & correction
DI supervising
Post production supervising
Technical support
Sound design, sound effects for TV works

Pre Production

Consultation for the project
VFX breakdowns
Different choices and different methods
Proposal for the budget
Concept works

On Production

VFX Supervising on set
VFX design
Problem solving
2nd Unit direction


Create computer graphics for art, printed media, films, tv programs, commercials, simulators
Digital scenes or visual effects
Whole pipeline; concept, model, rig, animation, lightning, render
3D Set extensions, digital environments
Modelling, rigging, dynamic simulations
Crowd simulations
3D Effects
Character design and animation
Stereoscopic render

Title Design

Main title concept design
Main title animation
Roll caption
Graphic screens
Typographic effects
Kinetic Typography


Data / Asset management
Offline editing
Online editing
Technical support


Audio editing
Sound effect
Sound design
Film Score

Volkan Duran

Volkan Duran

Founder / VFX Supervisor

Sema Şahin

Sema Şahin

Founder / VFX Producer

Barbaros Isıgöllü

Barbaros Isıgöllü

CGI Supervisor

Berat Türkbıkmaz

Berat Türkbıkmaz

VFX Supervisor

Zeki Kaya

Zeki Kaya

Production Manager

Zeki Doru Öndün

Zeki Doru Öndün

VFX Supervisor